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The A-One Form super insulated concrete form building system is energy efficient and cost effective. It is designed to provide benefits for contractors and property owners alike. It can be used above grade as well as below, and is perfect for residential and commercial construction.



A-One Form homes come in all varieties of exterior finishes. That’s because of the unique design of the recessed plastic ties molded directly into the A-One Form. Unlike other ICF forms, A-One Form plastic ties run the full vertical length of the form and are a full 2 1/2 inches wide. This allows you to choose whatever type of exterior finish you prefer, whether its siding, brick or stucco.


Comfort is king with A-One Form! The super-insulated walls that come with the A-One Form building system provides you with superior soundproofing, with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 48. This superior sound rating greatly reduces the outside noises penetrating the walls such as traffic and lawnmowers. You also get unmatched air quality with no air infiltration, no airborne dust and no allergens.




The A-One Form provides a full 2 1/2 inches of plastic tie both on the outside of the form and the inside. This allows you to easily attach wallboard directly to the inside of the form by fastening to the plastic tie. With the A-One Form you have unlimited design possibilities for your dream home, including curved walls!


Perhaps the biggest benefit to the A-One Form building system is the comfort you get with the increased safety of your family. The standard design can withstand winds greater than 160 m.p.h., making A-One tornado and hurricane resistant. In addition, the A-One Form super insulated walls meet the 4-hour fire rating in accordance with ASTM-E119-00a and CAN/ULC S101.


Environmentally Friendly

The A-One Form is environmentally friendly for many reasons. See the LEED page for additonal information. EPS is 100% recyclable. Our brackets/webs are made from recycled regrind polypropylene. ICF’s conserve lumber-a typical two story home will save 13-trees. Also, if an A-One home should ever catch fire, the forms do not give off any toxins. See our technical information for more details.



Reduce your monthly energy bills by as much as 50 to 80% with the A-One Form! You can also reduce your heating and cooling units by as much as 50%. With an A-One home you’ll have lower insurance premiums, lower maintenance costs and no additional cost for insulation.

Lower monthly energy bills
Energy efficiency mortgates
Lower insurance costs
Shorten construction time
No added costs for furring or insulating basements
Greater resale value
Reduced size of heating & cooling units
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