Why A-One?

This super insulated concrete form building system is energy efficient and cost effective. It is designed to provide benefits for contractors and property owners alike. It can be used above grade as well as below, and is perfect for residential or commercial construction.

  • The insulation value of this system has measured as high as R-32 by the thermographic test. Equivalent R values can exceed 50 due to Thermal Mass Performance.
  • Heating/cooling system size can be reduced as much as 50%.
  • Monthly energy savings of 30-80%.
  • The standard design can withstand sustained winds greater than    160 m.p.h., making it tornado and hurricane resistant.
  • The finishing materials used inside and out can be identical to that used with wood frame and masonry construction.
  • 4-hour fire rating in accordance with ASTM-119-00a and CAN/ULC S101.
  • The walls provide superior soundproofing, with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 48.
  • This block can be installed at temperatures down to 0 degrees F.
  • Our 90 degree corner has an outside bracket that runs the full height of the form, with legs that protrude into the concrete in the corner. It allows for the standard attachment of exterior materials...something the majority of ICF’s on the market don’t offer!
  • The brackets (webs) run the full height of the form. When pouring concrete the brackets support the wall so much less bracing is needed. The majority of ICF’s on the market need major bracing because their forms cannot support the concrete.
  • Unlimited design possibilities.
  • A-One has received the following code evaluation reports: ICC Evaluation Service ESR#1815
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A-One Form™
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